System Architecting

Systems Architecting
System Architecting square25.gif book.gif
System Architecture: The Silver Bullet? square25.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Process Decomposition of a Business square75.gif paper.gif slide.gif
What is a Process square75.gif paper.gif slide.gif
The Product Creation Process square75.gif paper.gif slide.gif
The Importance of Feedback for Architecture square75.gif paper.gif slide.gif
The System Architecture Process square75.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Products, Projects, and Services; similarities and differences in architecting square50.gif paper.gif slide.gif
The System Architect as a Person
The Awakening of a System Architect square75.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Systems Titles and Roles square50.gif paper.gif slide.gif
The Role and Task of the System Architect square75.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Function Profiles; The sheep with 7 legs square75.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Dynamic Range of Abstraction Levels in Architecting square50.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Architecting Interaction Styles square50.gif paper.gif slide.gif
The Tool Box of the System Architect square50.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Market, Requirements, Roadmapping
Short introduction to basic ''CAFCR'' model square50.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Fundamentals of Requirements Engineering square75.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Key Drivers How To square50.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Requirements Elicitation and Selection square50.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Business Strategy; Methods and Models square50.gif paper.gif slide.gif
The role of roadmapping in the strategy process square25.gif paper.gif slide.gif GATIC roadmapping seminar; September 2002 in Zurich
Roadmapping square75.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Market Product Life Cycle Consequences for Architecting square75.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Change Management; Introducing Systems Architecting Aspects square50.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Product Families, Generics and Software
Product Families and Generic Aspects square75.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Product Family Business Analysis and Definition square25.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Role of Software in Systems square75.gif paper.gif slide.gif
A Method to Explore Synergy between Products square50.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Management and Architects
The Tense Relation between Architect and Manager square75.gif paper.gif slide.gif
How to present architecture issues to higher management square75.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Simplistic Financial Computations for System Architects. square25.gif paper.gif slide.gif
How to appraise or assess an architect? square00.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Systems Architecting Related
Architecting in the Agricultural Sector square25.gif slide.gif Lely Architecture Workshop; March 2024 in Bergschenhoek
Communicating the Essence of an Architecture Compactly square25.gif slide.gif Signify SIG; October 2023 in Eindhoven
Roadmapping For Strategy Exploration square50.gif slide.gif House of Technology Workshop; July 2023 in Best
The Difficult Relation Between System and Software square25.gif slide.gif KSEE; June 2023 in Kongsberg
Systems Thinking in a Nutshell square75.gif slide.gif TNO seminar; October 2021 in virtual
What roles of politicians, managers, and systems engineering will be effective in sociotechnical systems when scope and complexity keep increasing? Lessons from Covid19 and the climate crisis. square50.gif slide.gif INCOSE-NL; September 2021 in Vianen
Room with an Systems Engineering and Architecting View on Digitalization square00.gif slide.gif Room with an SEA view; 2020 in online
Leadership and Digitalization; introduction for Room with a SEA-view square00.gif slide.gif Room with an SEA view; September 2020 in online
Roadmapping For Sustainability square00.gif slide.gif 4th Symposium on Innovation for Sustainable Development; November 2018 in Brussels
The challenge of increasing heterogeneity in Systems of Systems for architecting square25.gif slide.gif SoSE 2018; June 2018 in Paris
KSEE; June 2017 in Kongsberg
Systems Engineering Education, Research, and Introduction in Organization square50.gif slide.gif Workshop: What is this strange thing called Systems Engineering?; March 2017 in Stockholm
Architecture and Design Fundamentals square00.gif slide.gif seminar at Ingersoll Rand; April 2016 in Charlotte
Vision on Architecture square00.gif slide.gif
The Art Of Innovation; How to bypass countless hurdles? square50.gif slide.gif KSEE; June 2014 in Kongsberg
What devilish detail might kill your grand design? An example of connecting breadth and depth square50.gif slide.gif KSEE; June 2012 in Kongsberg
Project Systems Engineering Introduction; Phasing, Process, Organization square25.gif slide.gif
Tutorial Roadmapping for Strategy Support square50.gif paper.gif slide.gif INCOSE; July, 2010 in Chicago
Save Money by Investing In Models; Failing Early is More affordable Than Failing Late square25.gif slide.gif Lockheed Martin Event; July 2010 in Hoboken, NJ
Balancing Process and Content; Understanding Architecting in relation with Other Processes square00.gif slide.gif visit Scania; May 2010 in Södertälje
Lean Architecting, the Way of the Future? square25.gif slide.gif LEAN seminar; January 2010 in Kongsberg
Tutorial Software as Integrating Technology in Complex Systems square75.gif paper.gif slide.gif INCOSE; July 2005 in Rochester, NY, USA
Role of Systems Architecting in Innovation square25.gif slide.gif MATI meeting; December 2004 in Philadelphia
What is a Good Requirement Specification? square75.gif paper.gif slide.gif Verification & Validation of Software Systems 2004; November 2004 in Eindhoven
The Informal Nature of Systems Engineering square00.gif slide.gif FM'05; July, 2005 in Newcastle
From Autonomous Subsystems to Integrated System square00.gif slide.gif
Architecting and Standardization square50.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Architectural Decision Making; What Happens Behind the Scenes? square50.gif slide.gif Architecting Community of Practice LogicaCMG; October 2006 in Nieuwegein
Status of IT Architecting: Progression or Regression? square25.gif slide.gif Lecture for Bank of America; March 2008 in Charlotte SC


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