published in Password 18 Embedded Systems; issue January 2004
Architecture = Building Bridges square100.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Challenges in High-Tech, illustrated in the medical domain square75.gif paper.gif slide.gif Design Your Own Future; Philips recruitment event; March 2003 in Eindhoven
The Gaudi Project square50.gif paper.gif slide.gif
The Position of Research square25.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Miscellaneous Dutch articles and interviews
published in Informatie ; issue November 2003
published in Bits en Chips; issue 18 2001
published in Informatie ; issue November 2007
Open Source and Linux
Linux Visualization square00.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Presentations succeeded by other presentations, due to refactoring
Archipelago: Architecture = Building Bridges square100.gif paper.gif slide.gif
From Techno-nerd to Stakeholder Representative square100.gif slide.gif Colloquium Technische Bestuurskunde ICT; November 2000 in Delft
Multi-view Architecting square100.gif slide.gif Lecture at The Industree; December 12 2000 in Eindhoven
Requirements square75.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Positioning Architecting Methods in the business square25.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Positioning the System Architecture Process square100.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Documentation Tools Requirements and Design square50.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Started, never finished
Systems Thinking and Agility; Think Big, Act Small square00.gif paper.gif slide.gif
OversimplisticArchitectures square00.gif paper.gif slide.gif


preliminary draft
finished, although "living"

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