Performance Courses EA, ASP

Course Execution Architecture; joint development of Ton Kostelijk and Gerrit Muller
Course Execution Architecture square00.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Execution Architecture for Real-Time Systems by Ton Kostelijk square50.gif slide.gif
Measurement issues; From gathering numbers to gathering knowledge, by Ton Kostelijk square50.gif slide.gif
Lecture slides for the course Execution Architecture square00.gif SlideBook.gif
EA Module 0, Course Information Execution Architecture square00.gif slide.gif
Module 12, Execution Architecture approach and concepts square00.gif slide.gif
Execution Architecture articles
Execution architecture concepts square25.gif paper.gif slide.gif
An incremental execution architecture design approach square50.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Execution Architecture Soft Real Time design square00.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Course Architecting System Performance; ESI course derived from EXARCH course
Lecture slides for the course Architecting System Performance square25.gif SlideBook.gif
Introduction to System Performance Design square25.gif paper.gif slide.gif
ASP Python Exercise square25.gif slide.gif
Performance Method Fundamentals square50.gif paper.gif slide.gif
From Synchronous to Asynchronous Design square25.gif slide.gif
Modeling and Analysis: Measuring square25.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Performance Design of Streaming Systems square25.gif slide.gif
Scheduling Techniques and Analysis square25.gif slide.gif
Modeling and Analysis: Budgeting square25.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Formula Based Performance Design square50.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Hard Real Time Design square00.gif slide.gif
Soft Real Time Design square25.gif slide.gif
Performance Patterns, Pitfalls, and Approach square25.gif slide.gif
Performance Related
Modeling and Analysis Fundamentals of Technology square25.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Tutorial Measuring and Modeling System Performance square50.gif paper.gif slide.gif Bits & Chips Conference; October 2007 in Eindhoven


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