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Doctoral Dissertations of the School of Systems and Enterprises at Stevens Institute of Technology

Direct links to doctoral dissertations

Gerrit Muller: CAFCR: A Multi-view Method for Embedded Systems Architecting; Balancing Genericity and Specificity
Daniel Borches: A3 architecture overviews: a tool for effective communication in product evolution
Eric Honour: Systems engineering return on investment
Siv Engen: Conceptual Modeling for Architectural Reasoning in the Energy Domain
Marianne Kjørstad: Exploration and early validation in Systems Engineering A study on combining systems and design practices in systems development towards innovations in Norwegian high-tech industries
Sagar Behere: Reference Architectures for Highly Automated Driving
Thilo Friedrich: Systems Engineering for Computing Systems at Accelerator based Research Facilities
Steven Haveman COMBOS: Communicating Behavior Of Systems Incorporating Simulations in Conceptual System Design
Derek Anthony Cabrera: Systems Thinking
Sören Ulonska: A Knowledge-Based Approach for Integration of System Design Methodology and Documentation in Advanced Multi-Disciplinary NPD Projects
Manuela Aguirre Ulloa: Transforming public organizations into co-designing cultures : a study of capacity-building programs as learning ecosystems
Kent Palmer The Foundations of Emergent Meta-systems Theory and Practice
Bob Barnett: The connotative meaning of independence in system evaluations
Eltjo Poort Improving Solution Architecting Practices
Henric Andersson: Variability and Customization of Simulator Products; A Product Line Approach in Model Based Systems Engineering
Håkan Gustavsson: Lean thinking applied to system architecting
Daniel Stenholm: Reuse of Engineering Knowledge Perspectives on Experience-Based Codified Knowledge in Incremental Product Development
Ana Ivanovic: Strategy-focused architecture investment decisions
Robert David Alexander: Using Simulation for Systems of Systems Hazard Analysis
Alberto Sols: N-Dimensional Effectiveness Metric-Compensating Reward Scheme in Performance Based Logistics Contracts
Tom Herald: An Obsolescence Forecasting Methodology For Strategic System Sustainment Decision Making
Robert Cloutier: Applicability of Patterns to Architecting Complex Systems.
Henk Koning Communication of IT-Architecture
Marcel Verhoef: Modeling and Validating Distributed Embedded Real-Time Control Systems.
Jan Jacobs: Model-based application development for massively parallel embedded systems
Cecilia Haskins: Systems engineering analyzed, synthesized, and applied to sustainable industrial park development
Maarten Bonnema: FunKey Architecting - An Integrated Approach to System Architecting Using Functions, Key Drivers and System Budgets.
Steven W. Hinsley: Maintaining systems-of-systems fit-for-purpose: a technique exploiting material, energy and information source, sink and bearer analysis
Hylke van Dijk: Democratic Processing: Mastering the complexity of communicating systems
Jan Gerben Wijnstra: Variation Mechanisms and Multi-view Architecting in Platform-based Product Family Development
Mugurel Ionita: Scenario-based System Architecting; A Systematic Approach to Developing Future-Proof System Architectures.
Rob van Ommering: Building Product Populations with Software Components
Jürgen K. Müller: The Building Block Method; Component-Based Architectural Design for Large Software-Intensive Product Families. Propositions and abstract
Hans Sassenburg: Design of a Methodology to Support Software Release Decisions (Do the Numbers Really Matter?)
Michel Dos Santos Soares Architecture-Driven Integration of Modeling Languages for the Design of Software-Intensive Systems
Peter Wallin Key Challenges in Decision Making for Automotive E/E Architectures
Theo Hofman Framework for Combined Control and Design Optimization of Hybrid Vehicle Propulsion Systems
Jean-Philippe Auzelle Proposition d'un cadre de modélisation multi-échelles d'un système d'information en entreprise centré sur le produit

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