Published Master Project Papers

Kristian Frøvold Applying A3 reports for early validation and optimization of stakeholder communication in development projects, INCOSE 2017 in Adelaide, Australia
Lars Petter Bryn Evolving tolerance management for increased robustness of subsea installation operations, INCOSE 2017 in Adelaide, Australia
Anders Roe Nykaas A Context-Enabled Systems Development Method: The Case of Semi-Autonomous Remotely Operated Vehicles in an Arctic Environment, INCOSE 2017 in Adelaide, Australia, supervised by Yang-Yang Zhao
Simon Aasheim Developing the Stakeholder Requirements Definition Process - A Journey of Customization, SoSE 2017 in Hawaii, USA, supervised by Yang-Yang Zhao
Simen Bergli Cause and Impact Analysis of Cost and Schedule Overruns in Subsea Oil and Gas Projects - A Supplier's Perspective, INCOSE 2017 in Adelaide, Australia, supervised by Kristin Falk
Aksel Botne Sandberg, Eirik Klementsen Critical Factors Influencing Viability of Wave Energy Converters in Off-Grid Luxury Resorts and Small Utilities, in Sustainability 2016 8, 1274; doi:10.3390/su8121274 with co-authors Gerrit Muller, Adrian de Andres and Jéromine Maillet
Kok Yi Damien Wee Evaluating the effectiveness of applying a Requirements Management System for a Subsea Oil and Gas Workover System, INCOSE 2016 in Edinburgh, GB
Herman Solli Evaluation of illustrative ConOps and Decision Matrix as Tools in concept selection, INCOSE 2016 in Edinburgh, GB
Thomas Henanger Managing Installation Tolerances through System Modeling and Tolerance Budgeting, INCOSE 2016 in Edinburgh, GB
Arne Goderstad Understanding mission objectives and priorities with QFD INCOSE 2016 in Edinburgh, GB, supervised by Cecilia Haskins.
Alexander Svendsen Applying A3 problem resolution to new system design to improve performance and reduce rework INCOSE 2016 in Edinburgh, GB, supervised by Cecilia Haskins.
Halvor Eide Trade Study of Alternative Controls and Power Distribution Architecture in Subsea Processing INCOSE 2016 in Edinburgh, GB, supervised by Cecilia Haskins.
Peter Callister Evaluation of System Integration and Qualification Strategies using the Technical Debt metaphor; a case study in Subsea System Development INCOSE 2016 in Edinburgh, GB, supervised by Jonas Andersson.
Eldar Tranøy Reduction of Late Design Changes Through Early Phase Need Analyis, INCOSE 2014 in Las Vegas, Brian Mar Award for best student paper
Linda Lønmo Concept Selection - Applying Pugh Matrices in the Subsea Processing Domain, INCOSE 2014 in Las Vegas
Anders Fuglesteg Nilsen Use Cases and Non-functional Requirements Presented in Compact System Description A3s, INCOSE 2014 in Las Vegas
Bjørn Stalsberg Increasing the value of model-assisted communication: Modeling for understanding, exploration and verification in production line design projects, INCOSE 2014 in Las Vegas
Arne Kristian Bye System Engineering Applied to Concept Design Optimization of Design Coolers, INCOSE 2014 in Las Vegas, co-author Luca A. Piciaccia
Vickram Singh: Knowledge Capture, Cross Boundary Communication and Early Validation with Dynamic A3 Architectures, INCOSE 2013 in Philadelphia
Asgeir Øvergaard: System Verification by Automatic Testing, INCOSE 2013 in Philadelphia
Jan Ove Mjånes: Closing the loop for lifecycle product management in Norwegian subsea systems, INCOSE 2013 in Philadelphia, co-authors Cecilia Haskins and Luca A. Piciaccia
Elisabeth Hansen: Set-based design - the lean tool that eludes us; Pitfalls in implementing set-based design in Kongsberg Automotive, INCOSE 2012 in Rome
Rasmus Wibe Rypdal: Developing the Modeling Recommendation Matrix: Model-Assisted Communication at Volvo Aero, INCOSE 2012 in Rome
Bjørnar Wiulsrød: Architecting Diesel Engine Control System using A3 Architecture Overview, INCOSE 2012 in Rome
Jan Magnus Røkke: Requirement Elicitation and Validation by Prototyping and Demonstrators User Interface Development in the Oil- and Gas Industry. Electronic version of an article published as Systems Research Forum, Volume No.5, Issue No. 2, 2011, Pages 89..108, © copyright World Scientific Publishing Company
Volker Heierhoff: A Training model for Successful implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning, WASET 2011 in Bangkok
Levi Vigdal How applying models in work group sessions can help to retrieve information for making FTA and FMECA analysis; INCOSE 2011 in Denver
Even Engebakken: Supporting the System architect: Model-assisted Communication; Systems Research Forum Vol 4, No2 (2010) pages 173-188
Marianne I. Drotninghaug: The Value of Systems Engineering Tools for Understanding and Optimizing the Flow and Storage of Finished Products in a Manganese Production; EUSEC 2010 in Stockholm
Andreas Rasmussen: Causal Loop Based Change Propagation and Risk Assessment; EUSEC 2010 in Stockholm
Jorn Breivoll: Change Impact Analysis - A Case Study; CSER 2010 in Hoboken, NJ

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